The 12



Ministries in Rock City are known as "The 12." What exactly is "The 12" you might ask...

Well, “The 12” is an amazing group of people who decided to be more than just a member. They took their gifts talents and passions and put them to use for God.

From creating a comfortable environment by serving with our Guest Services, to teaching our Next Generation about Jesus, and creating an unforgettable Experience there's a place for everyone in "The 12."

We don't think of serving in ministry as something we "have to do" but rather, serving is what we "GET TO DO!" We believe that God desires for us to do life together in community and we believe this is best lived out in serving others and one another. We believe that engaging in fellowship is a very important tool when growing to be more like Jesus. Sign up today to learn more about our serving opportunities and become a part of "The 12".



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